Best beaches in El Nido, Palawan

View to Dolarog beach and Pinagbuyutan island

El Nido, Palawan is a place with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Many of them are located in El Nido region, however the beach by the town is not the best place for recreational activities. Of course many people don’t mind to chill and swim there, but there are many other beaches with much clearer water outside the town.

We’ve put together top 10 places with the most beautiful beaches in El Nido. Let’s check them out!

1. Nacpan Beach and Calitang Beach

Yes, we say that about many beaches, but this one really is a true paradise on earth. And many travel bloggers and vloggers agree with us that this might be the most beautiful beach in El Nido. It is wide and long, and the water there is amazing. And not crowded at all!

The best way to get there is by scooter (rental cost is around p500 plus fuel), as it gives more freedom to stop by at any time and any place you want to, and it is way cheaper than going by tricycle (p1000-1200).

At the end of the Nacpan beach lies another beautiful little bay, called Calitang beach. That’s why this place is called Twin beach.

When going to Nacpan beach, you can stop by the beautiful Nagkalit-Kalit waterfall.

2. Beaches on Cadlao Island

Cadlao island and its beaches can be reached by island hopping tour D or with kayak. The second option is harder, but it’s much more fun plus you can get there first and be the only one for a while if you start kayaking early. Tandem kayak rental price is only p500 per whole day.

Kayaking at Paradise beach with clear kayak

Kayaking at Paradise beach with clear kayak

Mostly people choose to kayak only to the nearest beach on Cadlao island – the Paradise beach. But if you have enough strength and determination, we definitely recommend to kayak also to Cadlao lagoon, which is located 7km from El Nido central beach. The lagoon is absolutely amazing and the long way is totally worth it.

Cadlao lagoon on Cadlao island - El Nido, Palawan

Cadlao lagoon on Cadlao island – El Nido, Palawan

3. Marimegmeg beach aka Las Cabanas beach

This is one of the most popular beaches in the whole El Nido area, which can easily be reached from El Nido town by tricycle for p150 one way. The beach has white sand and a clear greenish-blue water, and it offers the best sunsets in El Nido.

Sunset at Las Cabanas aka Marimegmeg beach

Sunset at Las Cabanas aka Marimegmeg beach

It also offers a range of different activities – kayaks, SUPs, bars and restaurants. If you prefer a more quiet place to stay, there are few nice hotels and resorts like Las Cabanas Beach Resort.

4. Dolarog beach

This is the most remote beach in El Nido that can be reached by walking. It is located southwards of Las Cabanas beach and it offers an amazing view to the sea and Pinagbuyutan island. A perfect place for nature and silence lovers.

View to Dolarog beach and Pinagbuyutan island

View to Dolarog beach and Pinagbuyutan island

Travel tip: rent a kayak and go to Pinagbuyutan island!

5. Simizu island aka Shimizu Island

A very small island with sandy beaches and a clear blue water, perfect for swimming and snorkeling. You can get there with an island hopping tour A.

6. Duli beach

A very remote beach, perfect for relaxing and surfing. It has a little snack and beer bar and a surfboard rental. Getting there may be a little challenging, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

7. Ipil Ipil beaches, 7 Commandos beach and Papaya beach

All these beaches are near from each other and can be reached by island hopping tour A or by kayak from Corong Corong or central El Nido Beach. The water is really beautiful there, but the only downside is tourist crowds, which you can escape by kayaking early in the morning.

8. Vigan “Snake” Island

Don’t worry – no snakes there! The reason it is called Snake island is because of the long sand bar formed from the currents. The water there is super clear and it can be very calm and silent if you get there early enough with the tour B.

9. Pinagbuyutan Island

A visit to this cool island is a part from the island hopping tour B. But if you want to stay there for a longer time and just chill out on the beach, you can rent a kayak and paddle to it from Dolarog beach.

10. Corong Corong beach

This beach is a great place for sunset watching and romantic dinner. Corong Corong is much less crowded than the central beach and it is really clean considering the fact that it also has a small port. You can easily get there by tricycle in less than 10 minutes.

To sum up

All the mentioned beaches and islands are pretty easily accessible to anyone. The only question is about how much time and effort you want to spend to get there. There are also a range of private beaches accessible only to resort guests like Miniloc, Matinloc, Lagen and Entalula island.

If you have an idea which islands and beaches you would like to visit, you can choose an accommodation based on your wishlist to save your time. Read more about accommodation options in article Where to stay in El Nido.

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